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At Alta Genetics we’re more than an ordinary genetics company. We go the extra mile to understand your farm’s current needs and future goals. We customize and implement genetic and reproductive programs to optimize your herd’s performance and improve your farm’s profitability.

Alta Genetics is the largest privately-owned AI company…

As the largest privately-owned AI company in the world, it is our people who make the difference. We are passionate about helping you achieve genetic and reproductive success, and we consistently deliver high impact sires whose influence extends for generations.

We take our responsibility as your trusted advisor seriously – to deliver excellence through our products, programs and services to help you make the most of your genetic investment.

1969 – Western Breeders Service founded by Doug Blair
1988 – Western Breeders Service merges with Alta Genetics
1993 Alta Genetics is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange
2000 – Alta Genetics is purchased by the Pon Family in Holland and becomes a subsidiary of Koepon Holding located in Holland to become the world’s largest privately owned AI
2000 to present – Alta continues to grow its number of retail countries with production centers in 6 countries.

Alta Genetics has been a BBCA member since inception.